What does rock climbing mean to me

Hi, my name is Masha. I was born in Moscow, Russia and currently live and work in Berlin, Germany.

I’ve been doing rock climbing for several years. I guess I started in 2014. I would even say that’s when I have discovered this sport for myself. A group of friends took me once to a climbing gym for some top rope. I joined them just for fun, that time I had no idea what exactly rock climbing means and how hanging on the rope can be enjoyable. I rented all equipment, my friends helped me to do my first eight-knot, gave me some short instruction and I started to climb… After a couple of moves I felt immediately that the whole my body was working on the wall, I felt this adrenaline rush when as a beginner I tried to reach the next hold with my sweaty hands. I felt how my heart is beating not from fear but from excitement, I still remember this amazing feeling when I reached my first top with a smile on my face and proudly shouted to my belayer “Tooop!”.

… And I fell in love with this sport. I just understood that it’s mine, that’s what I was searching for! I bought my first climbing shoes and harness, started going to different gyms more often, watching climbing videos, following different competitions… The whole package :)

Later I discovered lead climbing, outdoor climbing and bouldering and I was surprised how challengeable this sport is. It trains you not only physically, but also mentally, you solve bouldering problems like a puzzle. You cannot be just strong to be a good climber, you must know techniques, you must know how to read a problem, you must be strong mentally and be in balance with your body. It all came to me later, step by step and I enjoyed it.

Even though rock climbing is still just a hobby for me, I can say that it changed my life, that I want to improve as a climber, travel more, discover the beauty of nature, challenge myself and find a harmony with myself.

I also run a youtube channel where I post nice climbing problems and videos from my travels. Check it out if you are interested: MashaClimbing