Cat Ba Island // Vlog // Vietnam // 2018

Welcome to Cat Ba island - the largest island of the Cat Ba Archipelago, the southern part of Ha Long Bay. It is a great destination to enjoy the nature of northern Vietnam. Canoeing, trekking, rock climbing, yoga, meditation and amazing food - those are the best activities you can enjoy at Cat Ba.

Many tourists come to the island for 2-3 days and take organized tours, which include canoeing around nearby islands and trekking in Cat Ba National Park. Sounds like a good plan, however, we decided to be independent and explore the island on our own.

It was a good decision as usual! We managed to hire a boat for 400k đồng which is around 15 eur, and it included a 3 hour trip around Cat Ba. A boat trip is definitely a must do in Halong Bay!

Our main activity at Cat Ba was rock climbing - the island is a perfect place for it! We had only harnesses and shoes with us, so we rented other equipment (a rope and a set of quickdraws) at the Asia Outdoors office. The guys were very friendly to us, they gave us many tips about climbing at Cat Ba. Climbing guides are also available for rent.

Keep in mind, that almost all climbing walls at Cat Ba are located on private land. Even if you are an independent climber, you must go to Asia Outdoors office and they will give you a free day path to the desired area.

Check out our video from Cat Ba and leave me a comment on Youtube, whether you’ve already been at Cat Ba or just planning to visit the island.

Safe travel everyone ✈